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2008 Pacesetter Plant Awards

Large Generating Plants


Combined Heat & Power

Saluting the Class of 2007/2008

The State of the Industry

Large Generating Plants

 7         Roseville: California cities remain on the offensive

30        Dell: Completing a half-built mothballed plant presents
            special challenges

35        Mint Farm: Good instincts, big chips, steely nerves are
            table stakes in powerplant poker

45        Port Westward: Innovative utility, partners help industry evaluate
            benefits of bus technology with first implementation

Retrofits/ Upgrades

14        Long Beach: Everything old is new again

59        Altura Cogen: How one project can define a company’s capabilities

Combined Heat & Power

21        UMass Amherst: The new face of power

40        Amherst College: Transitioning from a steam plant to cogen facility key
            to controlling energy costs

71        UConn: Conservative design assures top operational
            flexibility, reliability

75        Co-op City: Maintaining continuity of energy services through
            a prolonged period of renovation, plant expansion

81       Pratt & Whitney: Steam-only plants destined for the Smithsonian

85        Fairfield University: Grant cuts CHP cost by nearly 25%. Is your
            project eligible for financial help?

89        Rowan University: Dual-GT set-up maximizes efficiency, reliability

New Technology, Plant Management

54        Top talent critical to keeping your plant at high availability, efficiency

92        GT upgrade technology promises more power at higher efficiency,
            lower emissions

97        Rusty Hersig tackles chiller-coil freeze-up problem


From the Editor

2007-2008 Directory of Products and Services
Guide to manufacturers, equipment/parts suppliers, and service providers offering products and services for gas-turbine-based peaking, cogen, and combined-cycle plants is an invaluable resource for outage planning

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